Photo by Eric Burg

Photo by Eric Burg



Karolina Waclawiak is the author of the critically acclaimed novels How to Get Into the Twin Palms and THE INVADERS.

Her third novel, Life Events, will be published by FSG in spring 2020.

AWOL, a feature she co-wrote with Deb Shoval, premiered at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival and has received praise from The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, Marie Claire, and more. 

Formerly an editor at the Believer, she is now the Executive Editor, Culture at BuzzFeed News.

Karolina received her BFA in Screenwriting from USC and her MFA in Fiction from Columbia University. Her writing has appeared in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, VQR, the Believer, Hazlitt, and other publications. Her name is pronounced Karo-leena Vahts-lah-viak and she is repped by Kirby Kim at Janklow & Nesbit.




"Just as Anya reinvents herself, Waclawiak's novel (her first) reinvents the immigration story... At its most illuminating, How to Get Into the Twin Palms movingly portrays a protagonist intent on both creating and destroying herself, on burning brightly even as she goes up in smoke."
New York Times Book Review

"How to Get Into the Twin Palms presents a vividly drawn portrait of Los Angeles inhabited by alienated immigrants, Russian Gangsters, and sex-starved bingo-addicted octogenarians - all enveloped by smoldering fires that threaten to burn the city down." - Poets & Writers 2012 First Fiction


"Not only is How to Get into the Twin Palms about the overwhelming state that is displacement, it's about what happens when loneliness becomes unbearable. Waclawiak writes through these tensions so elegantly, so tenderly, that How to Get Into the Twin Palms is, by far, one of my favorite books this year." - Roxane Gay, author of Bad Feminist and Hunger

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"Cheryl is both devious and complicated... Her interloper perspective allows for bold reflections—knowing that she 'could have ended up somewhere where people had good reason to be unhappy.'" - The New Yorker


"John Cheever and John Updike were once the rulers of American suburban fiction; in Bullet Park, The Swimmer and Couples they outlined a portrait of the middlebrow milquetoast within the post-60s New Left. Waclawiak writes of the suburban rituals of status and boredom with the same acuity for detail as those writers, but the domestic setting she creates around Cheryl and Teddy is a thoroughly post-millennial world, the kind prophesied by Jean Baudrillard when he quipped, 'What do we do after the orgy?'" - The Guardian


The Invaders is a gut punch of a novel—a scathing look at privileged people trapped by their own choices, but unable to imagine an alternative to their misery. Karolina Waclawiak is a remarkable writer, able to channel the unflinching clarity of Richard Yates, the off-kilter tenderness of Cheever, and taut narrative energy of crime fiction in a voice that is all her own.” - Tom Perrotta, author of The Leftovers and Little Children

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